Storage Solutions


Eguana Technologies

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Eguana Technologies is a leading global provider of storage solutions. We are extremely proud to be a Certified Partner of Eguana Technologies. We offer installation, after-sales services and support for the Evolve and Elevate energy storage systems.

Renewable energy systems coupled with storage systems are indeed the way of the future. This particularly includes residential solar systems with added on-site storage systems. The Evolve energy storage system is the most complete and powerful such system available in the current market. At 5kW AC output and 13kWh of storage, this system can more or less supply an average house in southern Alberta for 48 hours without the need for backup*. The battery Capacity can be expanded to 26kWh and 39 kWh.

The other strength of this system lies in its many modes of operation, and the ability to program it for many applications and functions. You can choose between Self-consumption (charging the battery system to be used primarily on site), Demand Charge Management (Peak-shaving), Backup Power (storage system as a standalone backup system) and Grid Services (such as the Virtual Power Plant topologies), depending on your needs and requirements.

*This assumes proper load and discharge management philosophies (e.g. not supplying loads beyond a certain limit, or not running certain loads at all). It also assumes a grid connection for ultimate backup. All storage systems require a secondary means as backup.