Our Process


Site Assessment

We determine an appropriate time to visit the property (based on the owner’s preference and availability). During the visit, we record all required technical data and measurements that go into the system design. We also find out more about any specific requirements and/or objectives which the owner may have. If the annual historical consumption at the site is not known, we will ask for a copy of the electrical bill.

Quote Submission

The process to do the design and prepare the quote generally takes between 1-2 days depending on the complexity of the project (and longer than that for more complex ones). All the work we perform up to this point is complimentary and FREE of charge*. Once the quote is accepted by the owner, we provide a proper and detailed contract.

Scheduling, Planning, Procurement

Once the contract is signed, we will initiate and follow the project schedule included in the contract. The Interconnection Agreement application, permit application process, the provincial rebate application, and any other applicable administrative work (depending on the location of the project) will be started. The owner will be regularly updated about the status of the project and will be promptly notified about any issues or delays.

System Installation & Construction

Based on the agreed and specified schedule, the material is delivered to the site on the installation date. We install the system within the specified timeline unless unexpected issues are encountered.

System Commissioning, Testing & Start-up

Once the installation is finalized, we commission, test and start up the system. For bigger and more complex systems, a thorough inspection is performed before the commissioning, and any deficiencies are logged in a “punch list”. The level of details of commissioning and testing activities directly correspond to the scale and complexity of the project. A list of deficiencies is recorded and kept at every stage. Each item, and the whole lists, are signed off by all parties involved when they are resolved.

Electrical Inspection & Bi-directional Meter

After the system is operational, we schedule an electrical inspection. Once the system is approved, we arrange to have the bi-directional meter installed.

Project Closure

The final stages of the project include wrapping up the administrative work related to interconnection agreement (if needed), finishing the rebate applicaticon and handing over a document package to the owner.

*If you are located outside the 100km radius around Calgary, we will require a deposit of $350 for the site visit. This amount will go towards the cost of the system if you choose to go ahead with the contract.

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