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CorSolis Energy provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction services for the complete life cycle of residential, commercial, and industrial solar electricity projects. This will include full project services from the initial project development phase all the way to completion and project turnover, as well as service and maintenance activities. We are also able to offer our services for different project phases and specific scopes of work within solar electricity projects.

Outside of the projects described above, we are interested in providing our expertise in partnership with other solar contractors, investors and project developers in regards to larger (i.e., community and utility) scale solar projects.

Energy efficiency and conservation is an integral part of renewable energy systems, and solar systems are no exception. In order to ensure that energy conservation methods are considered and practiced to lower electricity consumption, we also offer energy efficiency study and assessment services.

Our services include:

  • Engineering: Initial Site Assessment, Initial System Sizing & Modelling, Final Design Verification (including the electrical portion of the system and the structural analysis of the building if required), Design Document Package(Site Layout, Single Line Diagram, Structural Analysis, etc.)
  • Procurement: Acquiring all equipment and materials which are required for the construction and completion of the project.
  • Construction: Micro-Generation Notice Application Preparation & Submission, Required Permit Work Submission, System Installation, Commissioning and Turnover
  •  Service & Maintenance: Semi-annual Inspections, Panel Clean-ups, Snow Removal, Performance Monitoring
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment: Energy audit of the building in relation to electricity consumption, heating and overall energy usage

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