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We have partnered up with ATB Financing to provide more assistance to customers who may not be in a position to take on the upfront cost of a solar system.  Below you can find specific information regarding residential, commercial and agricultural financing options. CorSolis Energy will assist you with completing the financing application.

Residential Financing:

Homeowners can receive up to 35 per cent off solar panel
installation costs to a maximum rebate of $10,000 under
the Energy Efficiency Alberta residential program. ATB will help you go green with an:
• Unsecured Linked Line of Credit as low as
Prime + 2.00%, or
• Unsecured Variable Rate Time Plan Personal Loan
with amortizations of 5, 10, or 15 years as low as
Prime + 2.00% (5 year variable rate terms only)

Businesses and Nonprofits:

The Energy Efficiency Alberta commercial solar rebates
are based on the size of the installation and calculated at
$0.75 per watt. Businesses and nonprofit organizations
are eligible for rebates up to 35 per cent of system costs,
to a maximum rebate of $500,000.

Agricultural Financing:

Is your business agricultural? ATB can customize
financing to suit your needs with:
• Loans up to $100,000
• Amortization periods up to 15 years
• Loan value up to 80%
• Rate of Prime + 1.00% for solar purchase and installation
contracts greater than $25,000
• Rate of Prime + 2.00% for solar purchase and
installation contracts less than $25,000
• Fixed rates also available.

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