Our Philosophy



Modern Sun Worship: Rekindling the Natural Connection

We are descendants of the true and original “Sun Worshippers”. We come from the land where the first seeds of major religions were planted, where the most primitive rituals of Nature-worship were born. Worshipping the Sun is as old as time itself. Many scholars believe the Sun is the main symbolic “Hero” in most religions and stories of Mythology. The Sun is the King, The Sun is the God of all life on earth.

We know our history, and we are proud of who we are. That all means we feel the same primitive devotion towards Nature. This devotional love also brings a burden of responsibility with it. To fully and actively work to protect and appreciate this Nature is our duty.

We believe all parts of the Natural world are interconnected, and that includes us: humans. Our actions and decision have direct and indirect consequences, not only on ourselves and our civilization, but on all other creatures living on this planet.

We regard our work at CorSolis Energy an act of spiritual and devotional worship, part of our responsibility to protect and serve our Mother. Whatever work we engage in is performed in adherence to the most exceptional levels of ethical practices and with deepest consideration of social responsibility.


Our Approach

Practicing the Highest Professional Standards while Delivering Excellent Technical Quality and Providing Exceptional Customer Service!

While interacting with us, you can be sure that:

  • You won’t be sold a product or service you cannot afford.
  • You won’t be sold a product or service you do not need.
  • You won’t be sold a product or service that won’t work as intended.
  • You won’t be misled in any part of the process.

Emphasis on Efficiency

We are in the business of energy conservation and efficiency! Renewable energy systems are just one part of the solution to the challenging problem of energy conservation. A comprehensive collection of different methods and solutions is needed to address this matter correctly.

A solar system is more efficient and optimized if it’s designed after you have implemented consumption-reducing methods. An energy assessment and efficiency audit will determine the consumption areas where you can make improvements to conserve more energy and reduce operating costs.

Focusing on Technology

We continuously work and research the current available components and the technology they employ in order to be able to offer the most advanced and cutting-edge equipment currently available in the solar market to our clients. We also do active research regarding the emerging and future technology and trends, in order to be able to deploy and apply them as soon as they become commercially available.

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