The Story of Our Logo


Our logo and name contain numerous symbolic elements that relate to our environmental philosophy.

Alchemical Sun

The sun in the middle of our logo was inspired by the concept of Alchemical Sun. Alchemy in Medieval Europe was deeply influenced by Middle Eastern Islamic and Sufi scholars’ work and philosophy.

The Wing

The combination of the sun and the wing are intended to represent the “Winged Sun”. This symbol has been around for millennia in part of the earth known as the “Cradle of Civilization”. In can be seen in ancient Egypt as the “Winged Sun of Thebes”:

In Mesopotamia and Assyria, it was depicted as below:

In Zoroastrian Persia, it was in the sign of Farvahar:

And it was also an Alchemical symbol:

The wing is also an homage to Isis, the Egyptian Goddess, who wore a sun disk on her head.

The combination of the sun and the wing is also intended to symbolize the Sufi Heart, which also ties into our company name.

CorSolis means Heart of the Sun in Latin.

Along with our name, we have collected the power of all these symbols and what they represent in one package, under one logo!

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